Tuesday, August 28, 2012


So, I'm thinking I'm going to try to turn over a new leaf.  Swear a little less, laugh a little more.  Focus more on the good people in my life.  My family and friends are the best.  Not focus so much on the King of Douchetown.

It's been three months since I went on my last road trip so I'm planning another getaway.  Choices, choices. 

Somewhere along the coast where it's a little cool and maybe even drizzly?  Curl up near a window with a good book and a hot cup of booze..er...coffee.   Watch it rain on the ocean.  If it's raining.  Dare to eat in a decent restaurant...alone.  Smile at strangers.  Maybe even wink at them, if I'm in the mood to wink.  Drink some more.  Hmmm...maybe.

Or perhaps I'll try another state.  State of awareness?  Consciousness?  Kidding.  Texas sounds good.  Or at least big.  I've never been there.  But I hear they have cowboys and bars.  The San Antonio River Walk sounds interesting.  I could walk along the river.  The San Antonio River.  Since it's right there.  Right?  And the Alamo is, too.  Remember that?  The Alamo?  Austin's only an hour or so away.  They have celebrities and bars.  And celebrities that own bars. 

Maybe the local mountains.  Cozy up in a cabin with a nice bottle of wine.  Or two.  Watch movies instead of Fox News.  I watched enough Fox News with the Douche King to last a freaking lifetime!  No wonder he's so angry.  Oh,  heaven...I love cabins!  And there's a bar nearby.  No cowboys...but that's okay.

Choices.  I am lucky I have them.

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